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Verge (XVG) Network Attack

Verge (XVG) Suffers a Severe Miner Network Attack

Verge (XVG), the privacy conscious cryptocurrency, suffered a dreaded 51% network attack today. This was according to a highly respected miner and the administrator of the Suprnova mining pool. The discovery was laid out in a BitcoinTalk forum post where...

/ April 4, 2018
Blackwallet DNS Hack Stellar Lumens

Hackers Manage to Hijack Servers of BlackWallet – Steal $418,000

Another day, another hack. This time, the unfortunate victims are those who have been using the Stellar Lumens (XLM) web-based wallet application, Blackwallet.co. This was a DNS server hack which means that the attackers were able to commandeer the blackwallet...

/ January 15, 2018
DDOS Attacks hit Bitfinex

Bitfinex Suffers from “Massive” DDOS Attacks

It has been quite a tough past few weeks for Bitfinex. The exchange has suffered a lot of negative press around its involvement with Tether. This came on the heels of Bitfinex officially exiting the US market because of the...

/ December 14, 2017