PayPal is Nothing: MILLIONS of Bitcoin Being Accumulated!!

Oct 28, 2020

Hey Guys,

Have I got some Bitcoin hopium for you today...

Of course, last week you will have seen that PayPal news. As covered in my newsletter a few days ago, I think that was pretty overblown.

However, there is something else going on below the surface that is not hitting the headlines. A groundswell of wealthy money men have been picking up Bitcoin under the radar. Slowly accumulating sats while the market wasn't paying attention.

This is exactly what I cover in my most recent video!

I take a deep dive into the current institutional landscape for Bitcoin. I delve into the market data, onchain statistics, survey results and futures markets to give you a sense of what is going on under the surface.

There is no doubt an ocean of capital from your traditional institutional investors that has their sights on Bitcoin. Add to that the corporate crypto adoption that I talked about two weeks ago and you have a perfect storm for BTC in 2021.

Oh yeah, I also fill you guys in on how I am personally adjusting my portfolio to reflect my analysis here.

Hope you guys enjoy 👇


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