Celsius: Complete Lending Platform Review!

Oct 05, 2020

Hi Guys,

I got a new video on the tube for you folks 📺

Currently, there is a token that has slowly been climbing up those CMC rankings and is at its all time highs. I am of course talking about Celcius (CEL).

Now of course, I am more of a Defi kind of Guy - but I did take notice.

So, I decided to do a video on it and analyse exactly what Celcius is all about.

In the video, I explain exactly what Celcius is and how you use it. I will also analyse it's business model and explain how they are able to offer interest rates of up to 22% on some cryptocurrencies.

I also break down the tokenomics of CEL in order to best explain what could be driving the current price movements.

All of this is to help you decide whether to join the network, hodl some CEL and earn that juicy Cefi interest.

I hope you enjoy 👇


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