Get In EARLY With These 5 NFT Picks!!

Oct 03, 2020

Hey Guys,

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday afternoon. I would like to suggest that you grab yourself some snacks and click to the tube - I have a pretty comprehensive vid for you guys today 📺

For those of you who have been following the channel for some time you will have seen that I have been pretty bullish on the NFT sector. Even back in February, I was particularly excited about the potential for non-homogenous token types.

Well today, I take a look at my top five NFT plays. Not only that, but I also share my deeper analysis and breakdown of the sector and how you should approach investments in each sector. All that is to help you spot those opportunities for yourselves when they do come along.

How much upside does the NFT sector have?

Well, the market recently passed the $100M mark. To put that into perspective the DeFi sector is in excess of $10 billion in locked value.

That means that you are incredibly early when it comes to NFTs and could be in for some massive gains if the sector really does pop off.

Enjoy the vid guys 👇


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