China to INVADE Taiwan in 2024?! All You Need To Know!

Jan 29, 2024

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Earlier this month, Taiwan’s voters flocked to polling booths and voted for war. 

That’s according to Beijing and Taiwan’s opposition party, who both framed the recent elections as a “choice between war and peace”.

The thing is, the election returned another victory for the same government that has ruled since 2016. The new president-elect was a continuity candidate, having served as vice-president since 2020. 

Does this mean that Taiwan has been on a warpath all these years, right under all of our noses? Or at least, do Beijing and Taiwan’s official opposition really think so? And why are Taiwanese elections framed in such dire terms to start with?

It’s time to sort the facts from the FUD - this is a video you don’t want to miss.


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