China About To Take Taiwan!? You Won't Believe This!!

Oct 14, 2022

Hey Guys,

Did you know that tomorrow is the 20th CCP Congress? This event only happens once every five years, and this year's edition is extra special. That's because Xi Jinping will elevate himself to the same level as Chairman Mao. Will he go one step further an invade Taiwan?

Normally I would say no. China has been known to be a paper tiger after all. All breath and no bite. The thing is that there is an uncanny amount of circumstantial evidence that suggests China could finally be about to make a move on Taiwan.

Many of these circumstances (e.g. USA fuel reserves being at multi-decade lows, significant amount of NATO weapons in Ukraine, Europe about to revolt against it's own governments over energy prices) happen once in a generation.

This presents a window of opportunity for China to make a move. Does this mean that they will? I can't say, because I'm not an expert in geopolitics and also don't know the future. All I know is that what I found when researching this video really concerned me.

This is one you cannot miss...



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