HOW TO DYOR: My Crypto Research Methods Revealed!!

Dec 05, 2020

Hey Guys,

Happy Sunday. Hope you guys are enjoying your evening / day / morning.

Whatever you are doing though, I do encourage you stop immediately. Pull up a notepad and grab a cup of coffee or tea. This is because I have a new vid on the tube and it's all about Crypto Research 🤓

More specifically, its all the methods that I personally use in order to do my research.

You will no doubt have seen the Acronym (DYOR). It's thrown around on YouTube, in Forums and on social media. People are often told that they have to investigate a project themselves without really being told *HOW* to do so.

I mean, its not so straightforward…

There is so much information that it can sometimes be daunting. Moreover, we all lead pretty busy lives and an effective research strategy is one that goes to the heart of the matter. That cuts through the marketing jingo and hones in on the essential details.

This is all covered in the vid. I give you the 5 steps that you should follow when it comes to DYOR. I also take you through some of the most important hidden tools and resources out there to help you on that journey.

Hope you enjoy the vid folks!



⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️

► Tracking Price Action:,

► Initial Research Resources:,,

► Good Crypto Podcasts For Interviews:    / @unchainedpodcast  ,    / @blockchainbrad7264  ,    / epicenterbtc  

► Good Cryptocurrency News Sites:,,

► What To Look For When Analyzing Cryptocurrencies:    • Finding That 100x...  


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