Technical Analysis: Formations, Indicators & MUCH More!! ‍

Nov 30, 2020

Hey Guys,

I think it's safe to say that we are in full bull market swing. Bitcoin broke through its all time highs yesterday's, Ethereum 2.0 has just launched with Beacon chain. Not to mention all the other amazing developments in the broader altcoin space 💸💸

Now, some of you may just decide to hodl and ride out the waves. Indeed, if you did just that over the past 2 years, you would have been rewarded.

However, there are many that would like to take advantage of crypto volatility in order to more actively trade the markets. This can be effective provided that you have a well thought out and disciplined trading strategy.

Central to that is of course understanding the basics of technical analysis.

About two weeks ago, I did an intro vid on TA (see message referred above). This went through some of the basics of charting, trendlines and studies.

Many of you seemed to have found that video quite helpful. So, I decided to do a follow up to it that covered a lot more ground. This is part of the TA and in it I cover:

- Bull & Bear Flags

- Wedge Formations

- Double Tops & Bottoms

- Fibonacci Retracement

- Head & Shoulders

- Bitcoin Dominance

I finish off with a bonus that looks at some newer ground around "Sentiment" analysis.

I have also tried to break this down for you guys with as little jargon as possible. All of that is to help you guys better understand those TA charts people are throwing around.

I do encourage you to watch the first vid before this one. If you have already then sit back and relax while I bust out the charts 📈


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