Is China TAKING Over AFRICA!? Here Is What They're DOING!!

Nov 18, 2022

Hey Guys,

Time for some content to take your mind off the crypto markets for a day. So, I thought I would dive into one of the biggest geo-political shifts taking place right before our eyes...

Quite simply, when it comes to global superpower dominance, resources and influence are the most important assets. And, more recently, it has been China that has been collecting points in that regard.

That's thanks to their extensive investments in the African continent. A continent that has massive untapped mineral deposits, 65% of the world's arable land and the fastest growing population in the world.

It's also a continent that has been highly sceptical of the west (for good reason) and has opened its doors to China.

However, as the ulterior motives of China's involvement in the continent has been made clear, more and more countries have begun to question their involvement.

Is this modern day "scramble for Africa" fraught with issues? And does China's strong presence and involvement on the continent threaten the West's long term geo-political clout?

That's all covered today. Enjoy!


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