No, XRP WON'T Make You RICH! Here's Why

May 02, 2020

Hey Guys!

Hope you all had a smashing weekend! Summer is upon us here in London but I am stuck indoors. No, not just because of Quarantine but also because I was working on my latest video 😉

And this one is on XRP price performance. Or, should I say "lack of any". Amoung major altcoins, it is one of the worst performers vs. Bitcoin 📉

So, what gives?

Well, in the following video I take a look and try and analyse why it could be. No hyperbole or tribalism. Just some clear facts and data.

I am also no XRP hater and I used to hold a really sizable chunk. There are merits to its long term potential but in the next year at least... I'm not so bullish 🤷🏼‍♂️

Hope you guys like the vid 👇



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