THEY ARE BUYING!! Biggest Corporate Metaverse Moves!!

Mar 01, 2022

To take our mind off of the conflict in the real world at the moment, I have a really interesting video on some of the most interesting developments in the virtual world.

I am of course talking about the Metaverse Madness.

More specifically, we are starting to see well-recognised big brands and behemoth corporations enter the Metaverse ecosystem and build their own virtual worlds and economies.

And I mean BIG names, such as Nike, Adidas, Prada, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Samsung, Nvidia and even Wall Street giant JP Morgan.

So, in the video, I’m going to be diving deep into each one of these Metaverses and give you the full rundown of what these brands’ Metaverse ecosystems actually look like. I will also be looking at the places where they are going to be investing and what this could mean for their broader ecosystem.

If this sounds like you cup of tea, then, let’s get to it and dive into the fascinating world of the Corporate Metaverse!



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