Where To NOW?! What Jerome Said & What It Means For You!

Feb 07, 2023

Hey Guys,

As most of you will know, it's the Federal Reserve AKA the Fed that's been moving the markets the most over the last few years, and the last month has been no exception. Investors are expecting the Fed to pivot soon, and that has caused a spike in speculation.

The speculation somehow managed to go even higher during last week's press conference where Jerome Powell said some admittedly dovish things. However, it seems that the markets completely overlooked all the hawkish things he also said.

And so, I'm here to summarise it for you. The craziest revelation that everyone overlooked is that the Fed no long sees the pandemic or the war in Ukraine as something that could cause more inflation. I have my theories as to why that could be.

You'll have to watch the video find out!


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