Could This REALLY WORK?! Stablecoin Backed By WHAT?!

Jul 01, 2022

Hey Guys,

While the current state of the crypto market is as a result of many factors, one of the most precipitating events of the past two months was the collapse of UST.

This has led many people to wonder if the dreams of a decentralised stablecoin are in fact, dead.

Well, that would really depend on whether you can develop a stablecoin that was *fully collateralised* by a fully decentralised asset. One that is less volatile than crypto and hence less likely to lose it's peg in market crashes.

Recently some very smart government researchers proposed a solution to the stablecoin problem - stablecoins backed by and redeemable for electricity.

I know it sounds crazy, and that's because it is. A lot of the technology required to make these e-stablecoins a reality are still in their early stages of development, and some of it is still theoretical.

That said, this technology is in the process of being developed, and we could see an e-stablecoin start trading on crypto exchanges sooner rather than later.

A little spoiler for you guys - e-stablecoins are made possible by free energy, something that was first proposed by famous inventor Nikola Tesla. Nikola theorised that you could seen energy wirelessly the same way you can other forms of information, and he was even working on a prototype before he ran out of money.

It's safe to say that this research report is one of the most fascinating (and complex) things that I've ever read that's related to crypto. I reckon I did a good job of explaining it all.

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