Tasting SUSHI!! SushiSwap Still Have Potential??

Sep 16, 2020

As promised folks, I wanted to address Sushiswap. And I cover this in my latest video 📺

As we may all know, Sushiswap was that much touted Uniswap fork that had the vision of creating their own community governed Dex.

It launched to much fanfare as people wanted to get their chance to earn some of those rare Sushi governance tokens (especially in the early days of the protocol).

Of course, there was a lot more to the story. We had that high-profile Founder exit scam followed by a return in funds. We had the liquidity migration and the adjustment of block rewards. We had the recent community proposals that tested those governance mechanisms.

However, it seems as if that SUSHI price has just been on the slide. And, that recent Uniswap UNI launch may have thrown a spanner in the works.

The video takes a deep dive into Sushiswap. It looks at the tech, the history and the founder controversy. It also analyses the tokenomics of Sushi in order to determine whether there is still any potential.

Hope you guys enjoy 🍣


⛓️ 🔗 Useful Links 🔗 ⛓️

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