Best Digibtye Wallets
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Best Digibyte Wallets: Top 7 Safest DGB Storage Options

By Steve Walters

DigiByte (DGB) is a blockchain that was created to improve upon the speed, security and scalability of Bitcoin.

While DigiByte isn’t too well known among cryptocurrencies it has grown to become the the longest blockchain in the world, and is also considered as the fastest and most decentralized blockchain as well. It launched without an ICO in January 2014 and added SegWit support in April 2017.

With the continued improvements over Bitcoin DigiByte has been able to climb to be the 40th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. This makes DGB a good choice for an investment, and if you do decide to invest and hold some DGB you’ll need a wallet. And that’s where this article will come in handy.

Top 7 Best Digibyte Wallets

Below I have collected a list of some of the best Digibyte Wallets currently on the market. These are based on my assessment of their security, usability, community support and cross functional use. Which wallet you end up choosing will depend to a great deal on your own personal preferences and circumstances.

It is also worth pointing out that although there may be other wallets which support DGB, it is important to do your research and verify whether the developers are still updating the wallet and that it is well known in the Digibyte community.

Having said that, let’s jump in.

Ledger Wallets (Hardware Wallet)

The Ledger Nano S is well known as one of the top hardware wallets for storing many different cryptocurrencies. In fact, the Ledger supports more than 700 different cryptocurrencies, and is among the most secure methods for storing cryptocurrencies and keeping them safe from bad actors.

This is because hardware wallets keep all the private key information on the device in an offline environment. If you need to make a transaction on the wallet then it will connect to your laptop and the ledger client through a USB connection. This means that at no time is your private key ever exposed to the internet and by extension, eager hackers.

While the Nano S is the most affordable of the Ledger wallets, there are also the Ledger Blue and the new Ledger X, both of which can also be used to store DGB.

Ledger Nano S Digibyte Wallet
Get your Ledger Nano S Today

The Ledger wallets provide excellent security, combining PIN codes, encryption and two-factor authentication of transactions by requiring both digital authentication and physical authentication.

The Ledger Nano S has seen several reductions in price during 2018 and at the start of 2019 is value priced at just $59. The Ledger Nano X is the more advanced model and goes for $119, while the Ledger Blue gives you cutting edge touchscreen security, but carries a fairly hefty price tag of $269.99.

DigiByte Core (Desktop Wallet)

The DigiByte Core wallet was created by the DigiByte team specifically for storing DGB. In addition to storing DGB the Core wallet functions as a blockchain node, helping to secure the entire DigiByte blockchain. This alone makes the DigiByte Core wallet a good choice since you’ll be supporting the network.

Digibyte Core Wallet
Digibyte Core Wallet User Interface. Image Source: YouTube

The Core wallet gives you basic controls to send and receive your DGB, and it has already been installed by more than 100,000 users, making DigiByte the blockchain with one of the largest groups of nodes. The Core wallet is fairly intuitive, and you shouldn’t have any issues quickly determining how to send and receive DGB.

One note is that when you initially download the wallet you’ll have to wait while it downloads and synchs the entire blockchain. This can take quite a while, but if you leave the wallet open and running overnight it should be comleted by the next morning.

Guarda (Desktop / Web / Mobile Wallet)

If you’re looking for a multi-currency and multi-platform wallet for storing your DGB then the Guarda wallet might be a good fit for you. It is available for desktop, web and mobile, and the installations synch up allowing you to always have access to your funds and transaction history.

Guarda Wallet Digibyte
The Guarda Mobile Wallet with DGB Support. Image Source: Google Play Store

The Guarda wallet also has exchange built-in to convert your DGB to dozens of other coins, or vice versa. If you need more DGB you can easily buy more right through the Guarda wallet. And for enterprise users the wallet can even be used to generate custom tokens.

The simple design is a hallmark of the Guarda wallet, making it easy to use and consistent no matter which platform you’re using it on.

Jaxx Liberty (Desktop / Mobile / Chrome)

The Jaxx Liberty wallet is a rebrand of the original Jaxx wallet and based on user feedback the new Jaxx Liberty wallet is a solid improvement over the older Jaxx wallet. The Jaxx Liberty has increased security features, synchs across mobile, web and desktop versions, and is capable of storing 85 different cryptocurrencies, including DGB of course.

The one feature that seems to be most appreciated by users is the ability of the Jaxx Liberty to synch across multiple platforms. Users find it great to be able to check their balance and transaction history in real-time no matter which platform they are on.

Jaxx Wallet Digibyte
Jaxx Support for DGB. Image Source: Jaxx Blog

The desktop version works with Windows, Linux and OSX, while the mobile version is available for iOS and Android, and there’s even a Chrome extension for online wallet users.

The original Jaxx wallet was released back in 2014, so it has a good deal of history, and the development team uses their extensive experience to continue improving the Jaxx Liberty. The wallet is very user-friendly and it should be easy for anyone to store their DGB, or send and receive coins within the Jaxx Liberty. The wallet also has ShapeShift integration, making it a breeze to exchange DGB for other coins right within the wallet.

DigiByte Go Wallet (Online Wallet / Chrome Extension)

The DigiByte Go wallet is an official release from the DigiByte team. It is a Chrome extension, and is considered to be quite secure as an online wallet. For those who are always on the go storing DGB in an online wallet is often the best choice, at least as long as it isn’t too large amounts being stored.

Prior to being rebranded as the DigiByte Go wallet in December 2017 this was known as the DigiByte Gaming wallet. So, those familiar with DigiByte from the early days will recognize this as the Gaming wallet.

The DigiByte Go wallet can be created and ready to use in minutes, which is very convenient. It also has an intuitive interface, making it easy to send and receive DGB. Many people consider this to be their favorite DigiByte wallet.

Exodus Wallet (Desktop Wallet)

The Exodus wallet is a multi-currency desktop wallet that can be used to store your DigiBytes safely and securely. It also happens to be one of the most beautiful cryptocurrency wallets, and has been extremely popular since its release in 2016. The user interface is clean and simple, and the encryption of private keys and transaction data make Exodus a great choice for a desktop DigiByte wallet.

Exodus Digibyte Wallet Interface
Exodus Desktop Wallet Portfolio View User Interface

The Exodus is available for Windows, OSX and Linux and has 24/7 support available is necessary.

Atomic (Universal Wallet)

Another third party wallet that you may want to consider is the Atomic Wallet. This is a universal wallet that is currently available on desktop and will soon be launched in a mobile version. Apart from support for Digibyte, it also can be used for over 300 other cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps one of the best features of the Atomic wallet is the integration that it has with Shapeshift and Changelly. These instant cryptocurrency exchange gateways will allow the Atomic wallet user to exchange their DGB for any other crypto. You can also use their fiat gateway to exchange your coins for EUR, GBP or USD.

If you value the exchange functionality but would prefer not to use a centralised service then you would be happy to learn of the upcoming Atomic Swap support. This will allow you to change your coins for another coin directly across chains.

Despite these integrations, Atomic Wallet keeps your private key information local to your device and as such, is a better alternative to the numerous exchange “wallets” that are sometimes touted. If you wanted to use the Atomic wallet, it is available for download and currently works on Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

The developers are working on the release of the mobile version for Android. They are about to release an alpha version of the app which they will keep users up to date with on their website.

Digibyte Paper Wallet

The easiest way to create a paper wallet is by simply writing your private key on a piece of paper. If you want something that looks a bit prettier and includes a handy QR code you can use the multi-currency paper wallet generator at Paper wallets are the most secure storage method for DGB if the wallet is created offline. They are also great for giving gifts of DGB.


You should find the ideal Digibyte wallet for your uses in the list above. If you want the most security then you are probably best suited to get yourself a hardware wallet. Of course they cost money but if you have more than that in crypto then it makes sense from a purely practical perspective.

If you are looking for a more functional wallet then the Digibyte Core has the most support from the community. If you would prefer a wallet that allows you to store a host of other coins then one of the third party wallets could be considered.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from having multiple storage options for different purposes. You can store the bulk of your DGB savings on a hardware wallet and then keep a smaller amount in a mobile or desktop wallet for more regular transactions.

Whatever wallets you do decide to choose, make sure that you are following the best practices when it comes to wallet security. Don’t download suspicious files, keep your seed words backed up and safe in a secure environment.

Best Place to Buy DGB

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